Flu Vaccines

Can you prevent the flu?

You can help prevent the flu by getting a flu shot every year, as soon as it is available. The flu vaccine lowers the chance of getting and spreading the flu.

Even when the vaccine doesn't prevent the flu, it can make symptoms less severe and reduce the chance of problems from it. Everyone age 6 months or older should get one each year, except for people with a fever or those who have had serious problems with vaccines in the past.

Types of Flu Vaccines

Flu viruses are always changing. Each year's flu vaccine is made to protect against viruses that are likely to cause disease that year. Ask your doctor whether or not a vaccine is safe for you, and which one may be best for you.

Types of Flu Shots

There are 3 types of flu shots:

  • "Standard" flu shots are approved for people 6 months and older.
  • Intradermal flu shots are injected into the skin (not the muscle) and use a much smaller needle than the other types of shots. They are approved for people aged 18 to 64.
  • A high-dose flu shot is approved for people 65 and older.

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Coverage for Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Tufts Health Plan covers flu shots, and you can get one at many convenient locations. For most plans, there is no cost to you and copayment/deductible does not apply. If you pay out-of-pocket for the flu vaccine, you can submit for reimbursement from Tufts Health Plan.

If you have questions about coverage, call Member Services at the number listed on your member ID card.

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