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April 02, 2020  

FAQ to Help You Respond to Clients’ Questions

Updated on a regular basis

March 27, 2020  

Tufts Health Freedom Plan Mobile App Now Offers Single Sign-On for Teladoc® Virtual Health Care Services

Making the tool especially easy for members to use during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 27, 2020  

New Hampshire Ranks Fourth Most Aggressive State in Action to Stop Spread of COVID-19

“We are taking unprecedented and proactive steps,” says Governor

March 27, 2020  

New Paperwork Requirements

Keeping our communities safe

March 26, 2020  

Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s Efforts in Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

From Gerri Vaughan, President, Tufts Health Freedom Plan

March 11, 2020  

Spring Broker Advantage Session Postponed

UPDATED: March 16, 2020

March 06, 2020  

Preparing for Coronavirus

The health of your employees is our priority

February 23, 2020  

Diversity and Inclusion: A Business Imperative

Webinar now available for you and your clients

February 23, 2020  

Please Join Us for Our Spring Broker Advantage Session

Learn how we’re helping to grow your sales efforts

February 23, 2020  

Attestation Forms Required from Small Groups on Tiered Plan

Attests that group will not fund HRA

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