Granite Advantage Deductible Plans

Our Granite Advantage plans provide options with an up-front deductible that can be paired with coinsurance or Health Savings Account (HSA) to help offset costs. Our Granite Advantage plan offerings include EPO and PPO options.

Granite Advantage EPO

With this deductible plan similar to an HMO, members must choose a Primary Care Provider (PCP) from our extensive network to provide and coordinate his or her care. A member’s selected PCP will refer the member to specialists within our network, when appropriate. Depending on the service, a copayment or deductible may apply. Non-emergent out-of network care is not covered.

Granite Advantage PPO

This deductible plan offers broad coverage at a competitive price. While it does not require members to select a PCP, we strongly encourage the use of a PCP to help navigate the system. Members may also choose to use out-of-network providers for covered services. Depending on the service, a copayment or deductible may apply.

Granite Advantage EPO and PPO with Coinsurance

Part of our Advantage suite of deductible EPO and PPO products, these plans give you the option of adding coinsurance, which means the member pays a certain percentage of the covered amount.

Granite Advantage Saver EPO and PPO

Granite Advantage Saver gives you the option of adding on a HSA to our EPO and PPO deductible plans through the bank of your choice, providing employees with the ability to contribute to an interest-earning, tax-free fund.

Non-Deductible Plans

For large groups, we also offer non-deductible EPO and PPO plans that can be designed with your unique business objectives and budget in mind.

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