Wellbeing Assessment Campaign

What is an online Wellbeing Assessment (WBA)?

Tufts Health Freedom Plan's online WBA is an essential and valuable entry-point to a best-practice workplace health management strategy, proven effective in reducing health care cost trends and improving population health and productivity.

Our cost-effective, online questionnaire:

  • Educates employees on health status
  • Identifies modifiable and population risks
  • Provides recommendations that help members take action
  • Is HIPAA compliant and only aggregate reporting is shared with employers
  • Takes 20-30 mins to complete
  • Is confidential, voluntary, and free to employer or employee
  • Provides results which trigger dynamic, personalize content, tools, and guidance in the members' secure website, thfp.com/memberlogin, that align with their specific health risks, health conditions, and readiness to change

Employer benefits:

  • Provides foundation to help fight rising health care costs
  • Data guides tailored, result-oriented programs by targeting key risks factors unique to your population
  • Extends powerful, teachable moments highly conducive to engaging individuals in health improvement programs including opportunity for at-risk members to "opt-in" to health coaching and disease management programs
  • Use aggregate reporting and analysis tools for year over year comparison to measure risk improvement (a minimum of 25 individuals must complete the WBA to receive this report)

How to get the most out of a WBA:

  • To optimize WBA effectiveness, we encourage participants to enter recent health measures: height, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, HDL, and glucose
  • Use ready-made, downloadable flyers, letters, emails, and more to help you get started and promote your program
  • Allow at least two months to design the program, develop a communication plan, and gain leadership commitment
  • Offer WBA participation for a defined period of time, such as 2-4 weeks
  • Provide appropriate incentives to drive participation: cash, gift cards, birthday off*
  • Emphasize confidentiality and participation will not impact the individual's benefit coverage or rates

Tools to Get Started

Information & Resources

*Inform employees there may be tax implications and they should consult a tax professional when receiving incentives.

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