A Choice of Networks

Something for everyone

Every employer's needs and priorities are unique. The type of provider network that best fits your workforce is no different. That's why we've developed a variety of solutions. That's why we offer a choice of network designs.

Full network

Our full network includes more than 51,000 health care professionals and 110 hospitals across all of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and The network also extends into parts of Maine, Vermont, New York and Connecticut.

Tiered network

A tiered network plan offers access to our full network of providers, which are grouped into "tiers" based on the value of the care they provide, which is a function of both cost and quality. Providers that offer high quality care at the lowest cost are placed in Tier 1, the "preferred" tier. Members are then incentivized to visit providers in Tier 1 through reduced out-of-pocket costs.

National coverage

New Hampshire-based employers have access to over 1 million doctors and 6,000 facilities nationwide through UnitedHealthcare’s Choice Plus network. This provides exceptional access to network-based care and better claims pricing outside the Tufts Health Freedom Plan service area.



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