Programs + Reporting

We believe the key to lower health care costs is better health care

It’s as simple as that. By focusing on quality first, we keep medical and pharmacy trends low compared to our competitors.


We achieve this behind the scenes with more than 20 different programs that encompass the areas of network savings, care management and auditing. In addition, to tackle the issue of rising drug costs, we renegotiated our contract with our pharmacy benefits manager. Together, these initiatives enable us to manage rising costs for employers.


We bring an integrated data approach to working with you and your clients to achieve one primary goal: healthier employee outcomes at a lower cost. Our robust reporting capabilities focus on personalized, actionable information that identifies cost and utilization drivers — and solutions for addressing them. Through careful analysis and insight, we provide a better understanding of underlying patterns.



Tufts Health Freedom Plan can work with you to build a comprehensive wellness plan that fits your organization’s needs and employee population. 

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