One more choice for basic health care services

Illnesses and injuries come unexpectedly, and we all know it’s important to get care as soon as possible. If you are in a situation that is not an emergency, it’s a good idea to call your primary care provider (PCP) to schedule an appointment. There are also circumstances in which a visit to a MinuteClinic is appropriate.

What is MinuteClinic?

MinuteClinic walk-in clinics at CVS Pharmacy® locations in New Hampshire (as well as MA and RI) are part of our provider network.

The limited-service, store-based clinics, which are open evenings and weekends, offer an alternative to certain emergency room visits when you need less urgent care or when you are unable to visit your PCP because of scheduling or other challenges.

MinuteClinics diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions, when clinically appropriate, for common illnesses—such as strep throat, and ear, eye, sinus, and bronchial infections—for patients 24 months and older. Prescriptions written at MinuteClinic can be filled at any pharmacy in the Tufts Health Freedom Plan network. Practitioners see people on a first-come, first-served basis. No appointments are needed.

What the clinics cannot provide

The clinics do not provide emergency or wound care, or treatment for injuries. People who need X-rays or stitches or who have a life-threatening condition are not appropriate patients for MinuteClinic. Members experiencing these conditions should go to an emergency room.

How you are covered

As a Tufts Health Freedom Plan member, you can go to any MinuteClinic in New Hampshire (or MA and RI) without a referral. Just show your Tufts Health Freedom Plan ID card at the time of your visit and pay the applicable copayment, which will be equal to your PCP office visit copayment. At the end of your visit, you will receive a summary of your treatments. If you agree, a copy will be sent to your PCP. While this additional treatment option is now available to you, we encourage you to seek care from your PCP, who will also direct any additional care you may need.

For more information

Find a MinuteClinic in New Hampshire or view a list of things they treat.

New Hampshire MinuteClinics

  • Concord: 4 Hall Street, Concord, NH 03301
  • Hampton: 321 Lafayette Road, Hampton, NH 03842
  • Manchester: 271 Mammoth Road, Manchester, NH 03109
  • Nashua: 214 Daniel Webster Hwy, Nashua, NH 03060
  • Salem: 512 South Broadway, Salem, NH 03079
  • West Lebanon: 250 Plainfield Road, West Lebanon, NH 03784

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