Tufts Health Freedom Plan Acquired by UnitedHealthcare

A message for Tufts Health Freedom Plan members

January 04, 2021  

We are excited to announce that UnitedHealthcare, a leading national provider of health care products and insurance services, has acquired Tufts Health Freedom Plan. UnitedHealthcare is dedicated to helping millions of people live healthier lives and making the health system work better for everyone. We believe these commitments and UnitedHealthcare’s breadth of expertise, combined with the strength of Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s local team, may result in even better service for you. We remain committed to being your local New Hampshire carrier and offering you best-in-class national provider access.

What this means for you

  • A new national network. You will now access the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network for out-of-area health care services. The single largest proprietary network of doctors and hospitals in the nation includes more than 1.1 million physicians and health care professionals and 6,000+ hospitals.1
  • A new health plan ID card. You will receive a new health plan ID card that shows the UnitedHealthcare logo in the out-of-area coverage section. Once you receive it, please destroy the card you have and begin using this new card immediately. Remember to present your ID card each time you visit a provider. Prior to receiving your card in the mail (and at any time thereafter), you can access your new ID Card through Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s member portal and mobile app,  thfp.com/memberlogin and in iTunes or Google Play.
  • No changes to covered benefits or services. Your plan benefits and services (co-pays, deductibles, preventive care, etc.) will remain the same.

How you can identify network providers

  • To access in-network care within New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and bordering facilities and providers in Maine and Vermont, you will continue to use the Tufts Health Freedom Plan network of providers. Look up providers at thfp.com/find-a-doctor  or call us at 888.501.6048.
  • When seeking out-of-area health care services, members should utilize the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus network. To search for providers, go to thfp.com/find-a-doctor, choose to "Search as a guest" and select UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus. You can also call the Tufts Health Freedom Plan member services team at 888.501.6048 for help.
  • As always, urgent and emergency care is not subject to network requirements.  

We appreciate your continued membership. Please know that your family’s health and yours remain a top priority for us. Through UnitedHealthcare, we are now able to provide you with access to a wide range of quality national providers to complement the strength of the Tufts Health Freedom plan local network.

The Tufts Health Freedom Plan team is committed to minimizing any disruption to you as a result of this announcement. If you need assistance or have questions about this news, please call member services at 888.501.6048 and a representative will be glad to help you.

Gerri Vaughan

  1. As of Q3 20; UnitedHealthcare Networks national network statistics.