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Helping you reach your wellness goals

As an incentive to our members to improve their overall health, Tufts Health Freedom Plan offers a number of opportunities to save on alternative therapies, including acupuncture, massage, mindfulness practices and more.1

Acupuncture + Massage | Mindfulness + Stress Management | BrainHQ™

Acupuncture + massage

Save 25% on acupuncture treatments and massage therapy.

Search our network of accredited massage therapists and acupuncturists to find a provider near you. Please note that you are now required to register online with ChooseHealthy in order to use their search tool (as well as other tools). Once you register, you will be able to log-in and access the search tool each time you return to their website.

Mindfulness + stress management

NEW! Ompractice Virtual Yoga + Meditation

Tufts Health Freedom Plan commercial members can access Ompractice virtual yoga at a discounted rate. Using two-way video via laptop or phone, Ompractice allows members to participate in live yoga and meditation classes with instruction and direction from a teacher, bringing the support, personal interaction and accountability of a studio session wherever you are.

To learn more about Ompractice and the discounts available, visit ompractice.com/thfp/

Give your mind a break - with our free audio meditation series

Meditation offers you a number of valuable benefits – from reducing stress and anxiety to improving your sleep and attention span. It’s an easy and effective way to:

  • Calm your busy mind
  • Relax your body
  • Become grounded and
  • Find inner peace

And the best part? Anyone can learn how to do it!

Welcome to ‘Meditation 101’
If you’re interested in making meditation part of your life, give “Meditation 101” a try. This free 10-part audio series gives you all the tools you need for a regular meditation practice. Listen to the sessions whenever you want and just about anywhere – while at the office, sitting in traffic or relaxing at home.

Meditation 101 begins by explaining the basics, such as proper posture and breathing techniques, before progressing to more advanced concepts, such as awareness. Although you can complete the sessions without breaks, you’ll get the most from them by taking time — even days — between each session to reflect on your experience.

Be a Meditation Master

  • Take your time — Don’t be shy about listening to sessions multiple times. You should feel comfortable with the skill you’re trying to develop in a session before moving on to the next one.
  • Find your space — Before you begin each session, find a quiet space, free of distraction, where you can sit comfortably and focus your attention.
  • Get seated — Although you can do meditation anywhere and in any position, you’ll be most successful in a seated, upright position. If you meditate while lying down, you can become tired or foggy. A seated position allows you to relax and be comfortable while remaining alert and aware. You may want to sit with a back support so that you can fully relax your body while remaining upright.
  • Plan your time — You’ll also want to make sure you have enough time to complete your session in one sitting without interruption. If you do have to pause a session for any reason, restart from the beginning to experience its full benefit.

Get started today

Let the relaxation begin! Go to app.wellable.co/Meditation101 and enter access code "thfp".


Members can receive 17% off the price of a subscription to BrainHQ™, an online cognitive training program. This program offers brain exercises that can help people improve memory, attention, social connection, and more. Sign up to receive your discount

  1. This information has been provided by the vendors above and has not been independently confirmed by Tufts Health Freedom Plan.

    Check with your health care provider regarding any health or medical condition before beginning any new treatment, exercise, or nutrition regimen.