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Access to high-quality, affordable care

At Tufts Health Freedom Plan, it's important to us to design high-quality, affordable health plans that enable our members to make better decisions about their health and the care they receive. Understanding your plan will allow you to actively manage your health and better control your healthcare costs.

Granite EPO

With an EPO plan, high-quality health care is coordinated through a primary care provider (PCP). An EPO requires some cost-sharing on your part, mainly in the form of a copay.

Granite EPO Plan Details

Granite PPO

A PPO plan allows you to receive care from any doctor without the need for a referral from a PCP. This gives you the flexibility to see any provider you choose.

Granite PPO Plan Details

Granite Advantage EPO + PPO

Advantage plans feature lower monthly costs than traditional EPO and PPO plans in exchange for cost-sharing through a deductible, coinsurance, and co-payments.

Granite Advantage EPO Plan Details

Granite Advantage PPO Plan Details

Granite Advantage Saver EPO + PPO

Advantage Saver plans are qualified High-Deductible Health Plans that may be paired with a Health Savings Account (HSA). Saver plans include the lowest monthly payment of any of our plans.

Granite Advantage EPO Saver Plan Details

Granite Advantage PPO Saver Plan Details

Granite Premier Choice EPO + PPO

Premier Choice is our tiered plan option. With a tiered plan, you get access to our full provider network - and the opportunity to lower your costs. A tiered network groups providers into “tiers” based on the value of care they provide, encompassing both cost and quality.

Granite Premier Choice EPO Plan Details

Granite Premier Choice PPO Plan Details

Out-of-area PPO

Our Out-of-Area PPO offers national coverage through United Healthcare's Choice Plus network. Members who either live outside New Hampshire or have family members that live outside of New Hampshire may enroll in this plan.