Healthy Eating Made Easy

Nutrition + weight management discounts

When it come to enjoying well balanced, nutritious meals, sometimes you can benefit from the help of an expert.

You can receive 25% off the cost of visits with a registered dietitian or licensed nutritionist participating in our network when you do not have a medical doctor’s referral. To find a dietitian or nutritionist, search under Other Services in our provider search tool. With a medical doctor’s referral, nutritional counseling is a covered benefit with zero co-pay with participating providers.

The Dinner Daily

The Dinner Daily makes healthy, delicious dinners easy and affordable by providing you with weekly dinner plans customized for your food preferences, dietary needs, and the specials at your local grocery store! Dinner Daily members can save $1,200 or more each year on grocery costs, for less than $1 a week. Eat better dinners, save money and make dinners easy.

Members receive 25% off on any Dinner Daily subscription – you’ll pay as little as 70 cents per week! And you’ll save many times that on your grocery costs. Plus, your first two weeks are free to make it easy to try.

How the Dinner Daily works

  • When you subscribe, each week you’ll receive a plan for five delicious, easy-to-make dinners. You’ll also get an organized, editable shopping list to make shopping easy.
  • You simply select your food preferences and dietary needs, your meal plan size (2-6 people) and tell The Dinner Daily where you shop. You can easily adjust your weekly menu in seconds, and can change any of your preferences at any time.
  • Go to and use CODE THFP25 to receive your discount – 25% off on any Dinner Daily subscription