Coverage for Additional Telemedicine Services

Effective January 1, 2020

The following telemedicine services will be covered through the Tufts Health Freedom Plan network, effective January 1, 2020. These services are required by a new law, New Hampshire Senate Bill 258:

  • Remote patient monitoring to collect clinical data. Examples include blood pressure monitors or cardiac monitors.
  • The remote evaluation of transferred medical data recorded on an electronic device. For example, the member emails a photo of their child’s eye to the doctor to obtain a prescription for pink eye.

These additional telemedicine services with Tufts Health Freedom Plan Network providers follow the same referral rules that apply for in-person services with those providers. Prior approval from Tufts Health Freedom Plan is not required for coverage to apply.

These telemedicine services are separate from our telehealth offering, powered by Teladoc®. With our telehealth offering, members can use the Teladoc mobile app to access U.S.-based, board-certified doctors for general medical needs and diagnoses from anywhere in the world for $0 copay.1

Detailed information about NH Senate Bill 258 is available here.

  1. Saver plan members are covered in full after their deductible is met. Telehealth is available to members in fully-insured commercial accounts (excluding Tufts Health Direct), and members who are part of a self-funded employer group that has purchased this optional benefit. If you’re not sure whether your plan includes telehealth, ask your employer.