Membership Assessment Posts Strong Results


We’re making sure members have a positive experience 

At Tufts Health Freedom Plan, we’re committed to making sure our members have a positive experience using their plan. And based on the results of our annual membership assessment for 2018-2019, we’re hitting the mark.

Members were randomly selected to rate their experience with Tufts Health Freedom Plan in a variety of areas, including: claims processing, getting needed care, coordination of care, customer service, and others. Members were able to share their input by mail, phone, or the Internet.

Based on member feedback, Tufts Health Freedom Plan showed improvements over time in nearly all the categories that were measured – an achievement that no other New Hampshire health insurer was able to match. 

We saw significant improvements in the overall ratings for:

  • The health care that the member received
  • The coordination of care received, and
  • The specialist that the member visited most often

High ratings continue

  • Our members continued to report high ratings for access to routine and urgent care. Approximately nine out of ten respondents indicated they always or usually received care as soon as they needed it.
  • Tufts Health Freedom Plan also received the highest ratings of any health insurer in the New Hampshire region in the categories of:
    • Getting care, tests or treatments needed, and
    • Getting specialist appointments as soon as needed.
  • Our members also increasingly reported being extremely likely to recommend the plan to family or friends.

National comparisons

Nationally, Tufts Health Freedom Plan saw many scores compare favorably to others in the nation, achieving member ratings within the Top 25 percent of private health plans for all but three of the measured areas.  In addition, our scores in four of the individual measured areas were within the Top 10 percent of private plans across the nation. 

National comparisons were based on the Quality Compass® All Plans benchmark. The benchmark is a mean summary of all HMO/POS/EPO and PPO commercial adult plans that submitted data/results to the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) in 2019.