Quitting Smoking

Tools and resources to help you quit

Smoking cessation program offerings

Visit our health portal for additional resources, interactive tools, and an online program to help you quit. You can access the health portal from your secure member portal by clicking "Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle" in the Health & Wellness section.

Community resources

Contact your city or town health department or a local hospital to find out if they offer any classes or have information or materials to support smoking cessation.

Coverage for prescription smoking cessation medications for Tufts Health Freedom Plan members

If your plan includes Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s pharmacy benefit, the following smoking cessation prescription drugs are covered with no cost share:

  • Bupropion SR tablet
  • Chantix® tablet
  • Nicotrol® Inhaler
  • Nicotrol® Nasal Spray

Please check your plan benefits for more information.

Coverage for smoking cessation counseling services for Tufts Health Freedom Plan members

Smoking cessation counseling services are covered in full with no cost share. Services include individual, group, and telephonic smoking cessation counseling.

Please check your plan benefits for more information.

Over-the-counter (OTC) smoking cessation products

Over-the-counter smoking cessation products (such as nicotine gums, lozenges, and patches) are covered in full for members with Tufts Health Freedom Plan’s pharmacy benefit, with a valid prescription from your provider, at the time of your purchase.

Please check your plan benefits for more information.

Other resources for smoking cessation

National Cancer Institute - answer some questions about your smoking history and habits and create a personalized “Quit Smoking” Plan.

American Lung Association - find information and fact sheets for assistance with quitting, learn the benefits of quitting, and get information about pregnancy and smoking. ALA also offers a Freedom From Smoking® Online program.

American Cancer Society - call 1 (800) 227-2345 24/7 to get answers to your questions about cancer. Visit the website for resources and information about quitting tobacco.

Smokefree.gov - online resource providing free, evidence-based information and professional assistance to help support short and long-term quit smoking needs.