Membership Benefits

At Tufts Health Freedom Plan, we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality health care coverage to our members, no matter their age or life circumstance.

In addition to our large, high-quality network of doctors and specialists, we offer an amazing array of healthy discounts, beahvioral health services, special health programs, and much, much more depending on your plan.

Healthy Discounts

Depending on your plan, we offer many healthy living discounts, including:

  • Fitness club membership rebate
  • Mindfulness and stress management program
  • Jenny Craig weight management
  • Vison correction and eyewear

Behavioral Health Services

Tufts Health Freedom Plan provides a wide range of behavioral health and substance use disorder information, tools, and support for our members. For plans for which mental health benefits are administered by Tufts Health Freedom Plan, we offer coverage for outpatient care services (including mental health and substance abuse treatment, medication, evaluation, and monitoring), and we contract with selected hospitals to provide emergency, inpatient, and partial hospitalization for mental health and substance abuse care.

Health + Wellness Programs

Our nurse care managers help members with chronic illnesses and short-term health conditions like high-risk pregnancy. Depending on the condition, our nurse care managers can work with you on specific ways to improve your health, and direct you to online resources, social services, pharmacy services, and others.

We’ve designed our health programs to provide you with a sense of security, knowing that in the event you have a serious or chronic illness or condition, you can get support and information on how to access the quality care you need. Programs include wellness and prevention (such as quitting smoking, maternity care, and women’s health) and health management (such as living with chronic conditions and weight management).

Children and Adults with Special Needs

Tufts Health Freedom Plan provides benefits explanations and clinical support to members and their dependents with special needs.

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