Healthy Birthday

The goals of Tufts Health Freedom Plan's Healthy Birthday Program include:

  •  To identify and manage pregnant members at risk for preterm labor, as well as those with medical  high-risk pregnancy due to existing conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis,  pregnancy-induced hypertension, or gestational diabetes
  •  To decrease infant mortality and long-term effects associated with prematurity 
  •  To educate expectant mothers and enhance their knowledge of the importance of prenatal care

The following is a brief description of the program and its components:

  •  Tufts Health Freedom Plan EPO and PPO members are eligible. 
  •  Obstetrical care managers work with providers and members throughout pregnancy to support  treatment plans, address compliance issues, and maximize community and other resources that may  be available. 
  •  Prenatal guidebooks are mailed to members who self-refer on the member portal or who are  identified by their provider. The guidebook includes educational materials and resources along with  a depression self-assessment screening tool specific to this population.
  •  Tufts Health Freedom Plan members can be referred to the program by printing and faxing our prenatal registration form to 617-972-9417.

If you would like additional information on the Healthy Birthday Program, please call the Tufts Health Priority Care line at 888-766-9818, ext. 53532.

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