Behavioral Health Providers

Start the Credentialing and Contracting Application Process

Note: This process does not apply to hospital-based behavioral health clinicians or to nonphysician behavioral health clinicians billing under a Tufts Health Plan contracted supervising psychiatrist.

Step 1: Complete the CAQH Credentialing Application

Note: Behavioral Health Clinics should skip Step 1.

To join the Tufts Health Plan provider network, the next step is to submit your credentialing application to CAQH ProView, a repository used by Tufts Health Plan and other health plans as a single source for credentialing data.

Begin Application
If you have previously completed the CAQH registration process,log in to update any information that has changed since your last attestation and authorize the release of your data to Tufts Health Plan.

Login/Update Information

Step 2: Complete the Ancillary Practitioner Data Form

Once you have completed the online CAQH application, complete the appropriate Ancillary Practitioner Data Form to Tufts Health Plan:

Step 3: Complete the Required Credentialing/Contracting Documents

These materials must also be included in your application and they include the following:

For Behavioral Health Clinics, refer to the Behavioral Health Clinic Credentialing Application Checklist for additional requirements.

For additional information information, refer to the Credentialing Process for Nonphysician Outpatient Behavioral Health/LADC1/Methadone Clinical Providers or the Credentialing and Contracting Process for Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

Step 4: Submit Your Forms and Documents

To facilitate review of your application, please submit all materials together and email

Review Process

Tufts Health Plan's Allied Health Department will only process your application once all required materials are received. You will be notified via email if your application is missing information so please review your materials before submitting them to ensure that everything is complete. Once you submit a complete application, you may check the status of your application during by calling the Credentialing Department at 617.972.9495.

Credentialing is the first step to becoming a contracted provider for Tufts Health Plan. Once your application has been approved through credentialing, the final step will be that Allied Health Contracting Department will send you two copies of your contract for signature. Please sign both copies of the contract and return both to

The contracts will be “counter-executed”, i.e. both copies will be signed by the appropriate Tufts Health Plan contract manager and your original contract with a counter-signature will be returned to you. We will also include a “welcome packet” that indicates your effective date with Tufts Health Plan and as of that date, you may begin seeing our members. The packet also includes information regarding claims submission and useful resources for working with Tufts Health Plan members. We thank you for caring for our members.

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