Registered Dietitians

Start the Credentialing and Contracting Application Process

Step 1: Complete the Ancillary Practitioner Data Form

Please complete and submit this form.

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Step 2: Complete the Additional Forms

Please complete and submit these required forms to Tufts Health Plan.

Step 3: CAQH Credentialing Application

To join the Tufts Health Plan provider network, the next step is to submit your credentialing application to CAQH ProView, a repository used by Tufts Health Plan and other health plans as a single source for credentialing data.

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If you have previously completed the CAQH registration process, log in to update any information that has changed since your last attestation and authorize the release of your data to Tufts Health Plan.

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Step 4: Submit Forms and Documents

You can submit your forms and documents by either emailing them to or by faxing them to 617.673.0909. To facilitate review of your application, please submit all materials together.

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