Brand Guidelines

Tufts Health Freedom Plan

Our brand is an important part of our business. Maintaining a consistent look, feel and message throughout our communications is the first step in building a strong brand. This page is intended to be a resource for the proper use of our name, logo, colors and fonts.

Our name

When we talk about ourselves, we are always Tufts Health Freedom Plan and never just Tufts or Freedom

This is more than a guideline or rule. It’s a legal requirement. By law we are obligated to always refer to ourselves as Tufts Health Freedom Plan. This is to avoid confusion with the university or the medical center.

Additionally, external communication should always use "Tufts Health Freedom Plan" instead of acronyms such as THFP or TuftsFP.

Our logo

Below, you will find versions of our logo for use on your documents and presentations or for use by an authorized vendor.

Using the correct file format for the appropriate use helps to control the quality of the brand. Color is one of the most difficult standards to control—a humid day can throw off how a logo prints on a color laser printer. Use the highest quality formats, avoid enlarging screen-quality files, and always send EPS files with appropriate color formulas to external vendors.

About EPS Files

The only file format for postscript printers, digital or offset printing, signage, t-shirts, hats, etc.

  • Should always be the format provided to vendors
  • Postscript files can be scaled to any size without losing reproduction quality
  • May also be referred to as Adobe Illustrator, CS, or vector-based art
  • Most accurate for spot (Pantone) or 4-color process reproduction
  • Available in PMS, CMYK, all black and all white
  • RGB files are also provided if larger JPEG or PNG versions need to be created from RGB color, first generation files

Please note: when emailing the .eps files externally, we have found it best to zip the file first to prevent corruption of the file.

About JPEG Files

A file format for all screen applications when RGB color is needed.

  • 300 dpi file is available in RGB color, and all black 
  • Should only be scaled smaller
  • Works well in Word template files
  • Will always have a solid white box behind the logo
About PNG Files

This Microsoft Office file format is an excellent choice for screen applications (Web, PowerPoint, Word).

  • 300 dpi file is available in RGB color, all black and all white
  • These files have no background color
  • Should not be enlarged


Logo File Types
Logo Protected Area

A minimum amount of clear space must always surround the Tufts Health Freedom Plan logo, separating it from other elements, such as headlines, text, imagery, or the outside edge of printed materials or screen applications.

The protected area around the Tufts Health Freedom Plan logo should be equal to the width of the “F” used in the logo.

Incorrect Logo Usage
DO NOT distort the logo
DO NOT change the color of the logo
DO NOT rearrange the elements of the logo to create a different variation
DO NOT create new color variations with logo elements
Using the Tufts Health Freedom Plan Mark Alone

The only times you should use the Tufts Health Freedom Plan mark without the company name is when creating icons/favicons for social media. Pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are all represented by a small square icon which the Tufts Health Freedom Plan mark fits into nicely.

In other limited instances the mark can be used alone. Please seek approval before doing so.


Our color palettes

Color is an important part of advertising. It is one of the first elements of the Tufts Health Freedom Plan branding that customers will see and can help advertising break through the clutter in print publications and online.

We have primary and secondary color palettes

  • All colors can either be used as solid colors or screens; however, blends and gradients are not acceptable.
  • Process colors should be specified only when spot color printing is not available.
  • Hex and RGB formulas are for screen applications (PowerPoint, WEB, email, etc.).
  • Additional colors should not be used without permission.

We have revised our color palette. Please check back for updated color guidelines.

Our fonts

A two-tiered hierarchy has been developed for the Tufts Health Freedom Plan fonts.

  • Gotham is used for marketing collateral for Tufts Health Freedom Plan.
  • Verdana is the recommended system font for web and screen applications, as well as all templates, internal communications, email, and PowerPoint.

For detailed information on our fonts and their proper usage, please see our complete Brand Guidelines.