Tufts Health Freedom Plan Expanding Virtual Health Care Globally

Members have access to board-certified doctors and specialists on demand

February 20, 2020  

Tufts Health Freedom Plan announced today the expansion of its telehealth virtual health care solution. Commercial members can now access US-based, board-certified providers for general medical needs and diagnoses from anywhere in the world – at no cost.1

“Telehealth provides members access to the care they need in a timely, convenient and affordable manner, no matter the circumstance,” said Gerri Vaughan, president of Tufts Health Freedom Plan. “New Hampshire is a large state, with many members living in rural areas. With telehealth, we can eliminate the physical boundaries of accessing care and deliver a better member experience. This will not only assist our members in maintaining coverage wherever they might live or work, but also help them with their peace of mind by knowing that they can access health care no matter where they are.”  
The global capability and elimination of the cost share enhancements were developed to increase access to care and help members continue to seek the services and treatments they need.  Telehealth can take the hassle out of scheduling appointments and long wait times of in-office settings. It is also a cost-effective tool for employers, who can save on their medical trend and minimize daily disruptions in their workforce.
To access the telehealth solution, Tufts Health Freedom Plan members can download the Teladoc® app on their mobile devices to diagnose non-emergency general medical conditions, including cold and flu symptoms, allergies, sinus infections and sore throats.  In a recent Telehealth Satisfaction Study, J.D Power awarded Teladoc® one of the highest consumer satisfaction ratings among the leading telehealth services.
Tufts Health Freedom Plan launched its telehealth solution in 2018. It is available to members in fully-insured accounts, and members who are part of a self-funded employer group that has purchased this optional benefit.1 Behavioral health and dermatology specialists are also available to members throughout the United States – at no cost, however they are not yet available globally. Telehealth is one of several digital tools for Tufts Health Freedom Plan members – all designed to provide convenience and flexibility to enhance the member experience and provide cost-savings to employers. Learn more about Telehealth.

  1. Saver plan members are covered in full after their deductible is met.